Certified Experts

Glennis Maxwell
Fit Tour Certified Trainer

Glennis has been lifting and working out for over 50 years.

He has been a bodybuilding competitor and member of a Powerlifting team for 8 years. He works with men and women of all ages using weight training, cardio, and nutrition to help them reach their goals.

If you feel stuck and not reaching your desired goals, Glennis can help you get to the next level. Give him a call/text to get started and be your very best.

Amy Lawson
Piney Flats Assistant Manager
Personal Trainer

My name is Amy Lawson.
I have been a trainer/ group fitness instructor/ and personal trainer off and on for 30 years now.
Co-owned and owned 2 gyms, and managed 2 more. I have taught Zumba, (certified ZIN) group cross-training, Latin dance, and weight training classes. I have trained ladies for bodybuilding shows. 1 took first place in her division. I have done competitive powerlifting in the southern powerlifting association, winning my division in Record Breakers, Holding onto, still, my record for my class.

This took me to nationals. Which is where I stopped?
I'm a NASM certified PT for 28 years. Now working towards my ISSA certifications in strength training and sports nutrition.. Where I would like to work with School athletes in the future..

My style of training is I just teach my clients the basics of form and what they are working on while training a specific part. Mind muscle connection. And I change up their training with power, strength, and some cross-training.

I love what I do. My goal is to help people see their strengths, and build their confidence.

To schedule an appointment call or text 423-956-2036

Sherry Hicks
ASFA Certified Trainer

If you want to take your game, your body, or your attitude to the next level then contact Sherry ASAP.

Sherry hicks has been training for 20 plus years and is a mother of 3 young men, one beautiful young lady, and a Nana of 2 handsome boys. She has played in Competitive sports and has the determination to help you reach your goals no matter what age you are.

Her training styles are unique and designed to your needs. She uses weight training along with CrossFit style moves to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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